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Spanish Armada Ship Cantabria arrives in Australia.

Today the Spanish Armada Ship Cantabria arrived in Australia at the Port of Melbourne just 41 days after departing La Graña Naval Port on the 3rd of January this year.

Cantabria sailed over 11,000 nm (approx 20,000 km) transiting the Suez Canal as well visiting locations such as Souda Bay, Crete and Diego Garcia.

Spanish Armada Ship Cantabria in Port Phillip Bay sailing past NUSHIP Canberra.
Spanish Armada Ship Cantabria in Port Phillip Bay sailing past NUSHIP Canberra.

The arrival marks the commencement of its year long deployment to Australia from February to November 2013. The deployment is a result of the excellent relationship between the Spanish Armada and the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

SPS Cantabria is a modern Auxiliary Oil Replenishment ship, similar to HMAS Success (II), which is capable of supplying fuel, food, stores and ammunition to ships underway.

During the deployment Cantabria will participate in mutually beneficial training and exercises with Australian naval ships and helicopters. The deployment will culminate with Cantabria’s participation in the Australian International Fleet Review in October 2013.

Cantabria was built in 2007 and commissioned into service in the Spanish Armada in 2009. The deployment will allow the Spanish Armada to trial the ship’s full range of capabilities, including the operating/maintenance cycle of ships systems, and the logistics and maintenance support mechanisms for the ship.

fuente: http://www.navy.gov.au

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