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viernes, 4 de enero de 2013

U.S. give away two frigates to Mexico.

Resumen: EE.UU ha autorizado la entrega gratuita de fragatas clase Perry a Méjico, Turquía, Taiwán y Tailandia. A cambio la puesta a punto la paga el país receptor en astilleros de EE.UU.

The Latin American country will use the new vessels to struggle worldwide systematic crime and drug trafficking. The U.S. Congress approved the delivery to Mexico of two missile frigates of Oliver Hazard Perry class.
Frigates are expected to be delivered to Mexico for free, but the government of that country will pay for the repair of ships to U.S. companies.

The Mexican navy frigates receive Curts FFG-38 and FFG-41 McClusky. Under current plans, the two frigates will be retired from the U.S. Navy on February 27, 2013. The Ministry of Defense of Mexico plans to use the new vessels to combat international organized crime and drug trafficking.

USS McClusky (FFG-41)

The Mexican fleet mainly consists of vessels produced in the U.S. In particular, the Mexican military use four Allende class frigates (former Knox class), two classes Bravo (ex Bronstein class), two large landing ship Papaloapan class (formerly Newport) and Panuco class ship.

In addition to the transfer of two Oliver Perry class frigates to Mexico, the U.S. Congress also approved the delivery of two of these vessels to Thailand, Turkey and two to four to Taiwan.

Currently the U.S. Navy has 24 frigates Oliver Hazard Perry class, six of which will be amortized in 2013.

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